KPM Praisercise


Weekly sessions at Reconciliation Centre

For Men and Women (13+). Saturday mornings, starts at 10.00 am and lasts an hour.

Come and be part of this unique session that is about getting physically strong. At the same time your spirit will be refreshed as you give God praise!

Wear comfortable clothes and soft shoes. You will be able to participate no matter what your current level of fitness is!

Only £3 per one-hour session

PRAISERCISE and KPM Kidz are both held at the Reconciliation Centre, Avenue Hill, Leeds, LS8 4EX on a Saturday morning.

A lively and friendly environment which includes refreshments from Gospel Café. All welcome!




KPM would also like to introduce you our unique high energy praise dance called ‘Do You Know the Dance?’.

Set to our own original track, this is a great dance experience for anybody (young and old).

You can book KPM to come and teach it to your group. By the end you will feel a sense of achievement and enjoyment in learning the steps and being able to say ‘I know the Dance!’


Praisercise AND Do You Know the Dance? can be booked to come to


church or group setting.