KPM performance work embraces a community of Christian performers – both individuals and churches that want to join us to work towards artistic excellence.

Our project for 2014 was The Psalms’


This production called ‘The Psalms’ is a community performance made up of children and adults. The performance weaves together dance, song, spoken word, poetry and anecdotal byways. It has newly composed music, instruments, singers, as well as actors and dancers.

The Psalms are a fascinating starting point for a piece. They are an amazing collection of 150 poems/songs that cover a whole range of human emotion and contain some of the finest poetic heart cries to God – sometimes of joy, sometimes of pain and sometimes in the recognition of weakness or failure but always stirring up faith in God.



18/19TH JULY 2014

It was a SPECTACULAR, moving, inspiring and uplifting event and I hope to goodness that there are going to be more performances? And maybe a tour? There are loads of other people I’d like to bring to see it

Wonderful (Psalms) performance tonight.  Excellent mix of performing arts and the Gospel.  Real passion and feeling, evoking emotional response.  I loved the clever contrast and subtle movement between scenes and the dance at the end, which built and built to a praise focused frenzy was awesome; powerful gospel harmonies, musically spacious and very worshipful – wow!”

When we got home, we just said – ‘I think we’ve just experienced a World Premiere’. It was absolutely outstanding and very powerful

The show was brilliant! I loved it, I cried a little when all the kids came out as animals. And I sang worship songs all the way home at the top of my lungs in my car




** Christmas Special** Mary’s Diary

KPM are currently taking bookings for this very simple and tender story unfolding through the diary of the pregnant Mary. This piece is ideal for your Christmas time event/assembly. It is about 15 minutes long and includes drama, singing and dance   Book now

In the Beginning: (see clip)What happened in the beginning? And what do you do when someone eats the beginning of the world? Entertaining 15 minute performance exploring creation and creativity (accessible for all ages) with physical theatre style and dance Book Now

Get in the Boat: (see clip) Using a high energy physical theatre style, this highly entertaining 15 minute piece tells the story of some characters ‘living rough’ that discover the need for rules Book Now

Psalms Extract: (see clip) KPM can bring you an inspirational 15 minute extract from their production of The Psalms that contains music, dance and drama Book Now

We have several other smaller performance pieces of drama and/or dance work that we can bring – so contact us to discuss what might be possible or appropriate for your event.